Wunder Mobility Podcast

Wunder Mobility Podcast

#11 Tatiana Peralta Quirós, Co-founder & Advisor, Kinto Costa Rica

#11 Tatiana Peralta Quirós, Co-founder & Advisor, Kinto Costa Rica

Tati Peralta-Quirós is a mobility, transport, and technology specialist, with experience working across the private and public sector in the US, LatAm, and Asia, including technology start-ups, development finance institutions, and governments.
She is the co-founder of Kinto-Costa Rica, Latin America’s first subscription-based Mobility as a Service (MaaS) company.
With her, we explored how and why the traditional car distributor and car dealer Purdy Motors invested in a multimodal mobility platform and what impact it has on the mobility patterns in Costa Rica.

#10: Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer, State of Michigan

Trevor leads Michigan's Office of Future Mobility and Electrification. s responsible for working across state government, academia, and private industry to grow Michigan’s mobility ecosystem through strategic policy recommendations and new support services for companies focused on the future of transportation.

In this episode, he walks us through his vision of helping to build stronger transportation and a stronger state economy through safer, more equitable, and environmentally sound transportation for all Michigan residents.

#Special: Samuel Baker, President & Co-founder, Wunder Mobility

Sam studied Finance and Music before he started his career at eBay. He lived in Central America where he led a project funded by the Mastercard Foundation to launch innovative financial products for youth.
When he returned to California Sam and Gunnar met and ultimately decided to launch the forerunner of today's Wunder Mobility.
In this episode, Sam and Gunnar reflect on 2020 and give an outlook on the new year 2021. They speak about five trends they see:
1. The importance of local
2. Rise of public players
3. Blurring of sharing and ownership
4. New opportunities
5. Run for profitability

#9: Holger Weiss, CEO, German Autolabs

Holger is a true veteran in the new mobility game. He has been around the block and played a vital role at navigation software startup gate5, the forerunner for HERE. He was also CEO of Aupeo, the leading provider of internet-based audio content for the automotive industry, which was acquired by Panasonic Automotive Systems until he founded his own startup German Autolabs in 2016.
Together, we discussed the rise of voice assistance in the mobility industry, the differences between the well-known startup ecosystems when comparing investment volumes in deep tech, and how we can support growing our ecosystem in Europe.

#8: Clare Jones, CCO, what3words

what3words set out to do nothing less than revolutionizing today's addressing system by directing people with three words.
what3words is the world's first addressing system designed for speech and every 3m x 3m square in the world has been assigned an address consisting of just three words from the dictionary. Over 5 years Clare has contributed to its success as Chief Commercial Officer.
Together we talk about the challenges, the business model, and the team behind the stunning success.

#7: Christoph Wolff, Global Head of Mobility, World Economic Forum

Christoph oversees the work of the Forum with partners from the automotive, supply chain, aerospace, travel, and tourism sectors. Over the course of his career, he has held several senior management positions and gained unparalleled knowledge of the developments and challenges in the field of mobility - globally. With him, we dive deep into the work and significance of the World Economic Forum. After all, the World Economic Forum is not just the annual congress in Davos but encompasses much more.

#6: Stefan Vorndran, Managing Director, Europcar Mobility Group Germany

Stefan has assumed overall responsibility for the Europcar Group's activities in Germany in 2018. Previously, he held numerous responsible executive positions at BCD Group, a market leader in the travel industry.
In our conversation, we discussed current market developments, Europcar's efforts in the face of challenging circumstances, and the role of rental companies in the development of sustainable mobility.

#5: Sohaila Ouffata, Managing Director, BMW i Ventures Europe

Sohaila has already had unique experiences and built up an unparalleled knowledge and network. She is part of BMW i Ventures - the world's leading automotive corporate venture fund (+500 million USD). She invests in cutting-edge solutions that focus on BMW's current and future business in the areas of technology and customer & service space.
We talked to her about the exceptional approach of BMW i Ventures, the capital venture scene in Isreal, Silicon Valley, Berlin, and China, how her focus has developed over time and her passion for digital business models.

#4: Ole Harms, VP Product Strategy, carsoftware.org by Volkswagen

Ole Harms begann seine Karriere in der IT- und Strategieberatung, bevor er zu Volkswagen wechselte, wo er bis zur Gründung von MOIA im Jahr 2016 verschiedene leitende Management- und Führungspositionen innehatte. Nachdem er MOIA drei Jahre lang als CEO geleitet hatte, wurde er Teil des Gründungsteams der Car.Software Organisation von Volkswagen, wo er nun für Produktstrategie, Operational Excellence & Kommunikation verantwortlich ist.

Mit uns beleuchtet er seine Vergangenheit und die Entwicklungen des Mobilitätsverhaltens der letzten Jahre. Welche neuen Mobility Services sind entstanden und welche Fähigkeiten muss ein OEM intern aufbauen, um zukünftig weiter erfolgreich zu sein? Wie entscheidend ist es für den Industriestandort Deutschland, dass sich die deutschen OEMs mit den globalen Veränderungen beschäftigen und diese entscheidend mitgestalten?
Ole erläutert welche Rolle die carsoftware.org in der Volkswagen Strategie spielt und welche Herausforderungen es zu lösen gilt.

#3: Laurin Hahn, Founder & CEO von Sono Motors

Laurin Hahn ist Founder und CEO von Sono Motors. Schon während seiner Schulzeit hat sich der heute 25-jährige Laurin mit den Herausforderungen des Klimawandels und der Frage nach, wie Mobilität klimafreundlicher, effizienter und unabhängig vom Rohstoff Öl werden könnte, beschäftigt. Deshalb arbeitete er bereits nach seinem Abitur mit Co-Founder Jona Christinas an einem ersten Prototypen des Sono Motors „Sion“.

Im Gespräch mit uns erzählt Laurin, welche Hürden es zu nehmen gilt und wie er mit dem Sono Motors Team ein alltagstaugliches, bezahlbares und derzeit einzigartiges Elektrofahrzeug, dessen Batterie sich zusätzlich durch die Sonne aufladen lässt, baut und massentauglich macht. Darüber hinaus spricht er mit uns darüber, welchen Einfluss Covid-19 auf das sein Unternehmen hat und wie er die Strukturen innerhalb Sono Motors weiterentwickelt.