#33 Raymon Pouwels, Co-founder & CEO, GO Sharing

Show notes

Raymon, 28, was born and raised in the Netherlands. Today he is CEO of one of Europe's fastest-growing shared mobility operators. While he made his first experience in scooter-sharing with German scooter manufacturer Emco, in 2019 he decided together with Donny van den Oever and Doeke Boersma to start GO Sharing with 168 mopeds in Eindhoven. Since then they have multiplied their fleet size several times and now operate a multimodal fleet of about 15,000 vehicles in 60 cities, in 6 countries.

We talked about:

  • the need to go multimodal and why this is beneficial for customers
  • why corporate fleets will change and the potential for GO Sharing
  • Differences between European cities and the importance of excellent local teams
  • GO Sharing's growth plan to have 100,000 vehicles in two years
  • the synergies between the three companies under the GoGreen holding company
  • what are the fleet size requirements for different cities?
  • how the shared mobility landscape will look like 10 years from now

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Mumbere Robert

Does this company plan to expand to Africa too. Specifically to Uganda.

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