Wunder Mobility Podcast

Wunder Mobility Podcast

#Special Valerian Seither, Co-founder & CEO, emmy

#Special Valerian Seither, Co-founder & CEO, emmy

Valerian and his emmy sharing co-founder Alexander pioneered e-moped sharing in Germany in 2015, at a time when no one was really about it. (The only other vehicle-sharing solution on the market was Car2Go.)

What started as an idea conceived at a barbecue with friends turned into Germany’s leading moped-sharing company with immediately recognizable red-orange vehicles.

In this special episode, Valerian takes us through emmy’s founding story, how they are improving operational excellence, why it's crucial that a customer opens the emmy app first, and why 100 meters are a super critical distance.

#20 Susan Shaheen, Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Susan is a professor of civil and environmental engineering and
co-director of the transportation sustainability research
center at the University Berkely. She was among the first to observe, research, and write about changing dynamics in shared mobility.

We talked to her about the development of whether there will be a separation between public and private transport in the future, about how to create a healthy mobility ecosystem with complementarity and less competition, and how public transport operators innovate.

#19 Michael Barillère-Scholz, Co-founder & CEO, ioki - a DB company

Since 2017, Michael has been working at ioki on the digitalization of public transport and its seamless connection to existing systems, as well as the integration of new forms of mobility.
On-demand shuttles are increasingly being integrated into public transport. Michael explains to us why this makes sense, how it works and what impact autonomous vehicles will have on current transport operations.

#18 Timo Buetefisch, Co-founder & CEO, Cooltra

Timo leads Cooltra, the largest provider of sustainable mobility solutions on two wheels in Europe. In 2006 Timo started with 25 units and grew it over time to almost 17.000 mopeds in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, or Lisboa.
As a first-mover in this space, he gained enormous knowledge on how to operate a moped sharing business and told us what he expects European city authorities will do in the future, unit economics, and why he recently teamed up with Free Now.

#17 Hui Zhang, Vice President Europe, NIO

Hui Zhang is Vice President of NIO Europe. He heads the German and the UK office of the global electric car startup from Shanghai.
According to yahoo finance, NIO has made a big name for itself among electric car makers in recent years and currently has a market cap of nearly $55 billion.
Hui takes us through the NIO universe, explaining why Apple is a better role model than any other well-known automaker and why NIO believes consumers want to own a premium EV.
In this episode, you'll also learn more about the innovative approach of the NIO Battery Swap Station, as well as the reason why NIO decided to start its European operations in Norway before expanding them to other countries over the next few years

#16 Sandra Phillips, Founder & CEO, movmi

Before founding movmi an award-winning boutique agency specialized in shared mobility architecture, Sandra held several senior management and executive roles, most notably with Daimler, BCAA, and BMW.

#15 Olivier Reppert, CEO, Share Now

As the former CEO of car2go, Olivier has been running Share Now since 2019. What started as a daring project back then is now one of the largest free-floating car sharing companies worldwide. Olivier talks about how the franchise concept makes sense, what he perceives as the key accelerators for development, the merging of rent and minute-based car sharing, and what he himself calls ultimate mobility freedom.

#14 Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO & co-founder, Trafi

Martynas joined the Lithuanian start-up Trafi at an early stage and has since then spearheaded the global expansion and focused on the commercial side of the business. Trafi offers cities the possibility to connect all mobility services into one single platform where users can check itineraries and also book their tickets and trips. The service is known as Jelbi in Berlin or MVGO in Munich.

#13 Lukas Neckermann, COO, Splyt

Lukas is Chief Operating Officer of Splyt, and Managing Director of Neckermann Strategic Advisors. He is a strategist, advisor, researcher, and keynote speaker on Smart Cities and Smart Mobility. In addition to several books, Lukas regularly speaks at events about his many years of insight.
In this episode together with Sam, he shed light on the development of user patterns and demands, the role of a progressive city, and whether public transport is really the backbone of inner-city mobility.

#12 Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO, Oxbotica

Ozgur has over 20 years’ experience in leading the sales, development, and implementation of software solutions in the automotive, smart mobility, telecoms, and IoT industries for Tier 1 clients across the USA and EMEA.
Since May 2019 he drives the strategy to deliver Oxbotica's universal autonomy vision globally.
In this episode, Ozgur gives insights into the actual status quo of autonomous driving, in which scenarios autonomous vehicles already operate, and what is behind the hybrid-growth model of Oxbotica.