#38 Julien Chamussy, Co-founder & CEO, fluctuo

Show notes

Julien Chamussy is the CEO and co-founder of fluctuo, Europe’s aggregator of data on shared mobility services like bike, scooter, moped or car sharing. Prior to that, Julien was VP Marketing of Smovengo, the operator of Vélib which is the public bike-sharing service in Paris and the greater area. fluctuo sources data from various mobility operators and open source and uses it to provide an overview of the shared mobility industry. Every quarter, they publish the European Shared Mobility Index in which they analyze the development of user numbers or highlight and compare vehicle distribution in different European cities. We took the opportunity to dive deeper into the data and get Julien's opinion and best guesses on the vehicle sharing industry.

fluctuo website: https://fluctuo.com/ European Shared Mobility Index: https://european-index.fluctuo.com/

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